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Automate Whatever Possible

aciana’s Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offer customized solutions for Healthcare Organizations. We understand that the challenges faced by the Healthcare Organizations are unique in nature and requires in-depth domain expertise. Our team, with a combination of technology experts and domain consultants can offer the right solutions to any Healthcare specific organization. Aciana is focused on helping organizations to provide value based care through efficient automation. Many of the processes in Healthcare Organizations can be automated, eliminating error-prone manual interventions. Thus simplifying, Improving and Controlling your business process.

Problem Statement

With EHRs and HIS focusing more on documentation, compliance and regulatory requirements – patient centric care is somewhat compromised by the Healthcare Organizations. With aging populations, increasing cost, payment reforms, data explosion with rapidly changing best practices, it is no longer practical to rely on manual processes.

aciana’s BPM and RPA solutions focus solely on improving the patient experience by designing, developing and implementing process efficiencies in the complete life cycle of patient care. Structured and dynamic case management can add significant value to the healthcare processes. The unique healthcare specific solutions which include modelling, integration rules and analytics successfully improves Revenue Cycle Management and Fraud Detection. RPA also interacts with IOT solutions, so that real time patient data can be captured without any manual interventions.

These solutions backed by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities can enormously help organizations in the healthcare echo system like providers, payers, and even patients themselves. aciana’s healthcare specific RPA solutions helps to automate application interactions and other back office works to reduce the redundant and repetitive work. Thereby improving efficiency with increased ROI.

Specifically in the life science and other pharmaceutical companies there is a need to interact with several process and applications during sight initiation, sight activation, patient enrolment phases. aciana’s BPM and RPA solutions help to automate your application interactions and processes, speeding up the cycle time and reducing the manual work.

Our Features

  1. Process Modelling and Process Intelligence
  2. Structured and Dynamic Process execution
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition
  4. Seamless integration with rule based exception handling
  5. Simple, Secure and Actionable intelligence

Fact sheet

$228 M

is spent on unnecessary lab tests

$228 M

is spent on unnecessary lab tests


  1. Improved process efficiency with reduced redundancies
  2. Automated workflow resulting in enhanced throughputs and decreased cycle times
  3. Flexible, scalable and adoptable
  4. Increased ROI with lower labour costs
  5. Improved accuracy resulting in better patient experience

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