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aciana’s clinical analytics product helps healthcare organizations to gain deep clinical insights from both unstructured and structured data. The platform provides real time data analytics with help of advanced deep domain artificial intelligence. This assists providers to give accurate and real-time evidence based personalized medicines. Thus having a huge positive impact on aiding the patients.

Problem statement

Typically, a healthcare organization deals with multiple systems containing patient data. The systems are isolated and most of the time do not automatically share the data between them. This leads to outdated silos of patient data. Hence, it is a fairly big challenge for healthcare organizations to get holistic view of the patient data. This in turn poses a hurdle in providing personal care to the patients. Added to this, most of the healthcare organizations delete personal medical records after certain number of years (6 years) owing to regulatory requirements and high cost of maintenance. The focus on value based care, it has become imperative for the organizations to get all of the patient data under one umbrella.

This platform also supports patient centric immutable health record to access complete clinical history of the patient anywhere in the world to support personalized and real-time evidence based medicine / treatment. This system also supports to join the participants of healthcare spectrum like Patients, Hospitals, Life science agencies , independent service providers, device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, insurers and government agencies to provide effective and coordinated care

Our Features

  1. Secure and immutable and completely auditable HIE
  2. Helps to eliminate 3rd party HIE vendors
  3. Complete immutable Patient centric Health records
  4. A platform to participate secure HIE for advancing Clinical analytics and research

Fact sheet

60% +

USA adults now live with at least one chronic condition. 42 percent have more than one


five chronic conditions or more accounted for 47% of spending on conic conditions

More than 859,000

Americans die of heart disease or stroke every year.costing our health care system $199 billion per year and causing $131 billion in lost productivity on the job


people are diagnosed with cancer and its continues reach almost $174 billion by 2020

More than 30M

Americans have diabetes costs the US health care system and employers $237 billion every year


adults in the US suffering from Arthritis and elated conditions costing about $304 billion or more

Highest spending chronic conditions

Obesity, Alzheimer's Disease, Epilepsy, etc


To provide secure, immutable and completely auditable to healthcare interoperability system, Patient centric immutable health records, and to create a single platform for HIE there by advancing healthcare analytics.

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