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aciana has exclusive products for healthcare analytics be it in the area of clinical, financial or administrative. However, we also understand the need for organizations   to have only specific reports and analysis based on various factors.

Problem statement

For this, aciana provides Analytics as a service whereby clients can request specific number of reports on a monthly, bi-monthly or yearly frequency.

They can also subscribe to aciana’s generic reports pertaining to overall healthcare sector in the US.

Our Features

  1. Clinical Analytics
  2. Financial Analytics
  3. Administrative Analytics

Fact sheet

$228 M

is spent on unnecessary lab tests

$228 M

is spent on unnecessary lab tests


Based on various factors like category of the organization, current challenges, future requirements, improvement areas etc. aciana recommends a specific bundle of analytical reports and the frequency.

We also have a Healthcare consultancy team which specialises in interpreting the reports and converting the same into actionable insights.

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