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aciana’s Healthcare Integration Engine helps in integrating data from multiple complex systems seamlessly. It provides a single, real-time view of the data aiding hospital staff at all levels.

Problem statement

Healthcare Organizations deal with a multitude of systems on a daily basis. Understandably each system is focused on one activity or one department of the organization. Typically, there are different systems catering to various aspects of the healthcare organizations – patient care, financial transactions, administrative tasks, strategic management, decision making etc.

Our Features

  • Health Level 7
  • Continuity of Care Document
  • Electronic Data Interchange X12

Fact sheet

$228 M

is spent on unnecessary lab tests

$228 M

is spent on unnecessary lab tests


aciana’s Healthcare Integration Engine can be deployed quickly with seamless integration with multiple systems. The product provides an easy to use interface for data exchange with external systems in a secure manner. With a single interface system, aciana ensures that the total cost of ownership for the healthcare organizations reduce considerably. Any new interface can be integrated with minimum effort and time. The engine can also be used for any data migration requirements of individual data systems.

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