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Provide a holistic and real-time view of the financial status of the healthcare organization. Identify cost patterns and budget utilization for patient care.

Problem statement

Owing to the lack of real-time view of the financial data, there is an increased delay in the billing and insurance cycle. Advanced financial analytics has many advantages including – early detection of fraud and abuse, prevent errors in billing and will help in risk-based reimbursements.

This platform also supports patient centric immutable health record to access complete clinical history of the patient anywhere in the world to support personalized and real-time evidence based medicine / treatment. This system also supports to join the participants of healthcare spectrum like Patients, Hospitals, Life science agencies , independent service providers, device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, insurers and government agencies to provide effective and coordinated care

Our Features

  1. Secure and immutable and completely auditable HIE
  2. Helps to eliminate 3rd party HIE vendors
  3. Complete immutable Patient centric Health records
  4. A platform to participate secure HIE for advancing Clinical analytics and research

Fact sheet

$4.9 million

average revenue lose per US hospital due to denials


spend roughly per claim on appeals as much as $8.6 billion in administrative costs nationwide


percent of denied claims are recoverable on average

90% More

Hospitals Write Off Claim Denials. Costing up to $3.5M


  • Revenue cycle management
  • Fraud detection
  • Risk adjustment
  • Claims processing
  • Faster payment and reimbursements
  • Reduction in financial wastage and abuse

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