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Supply Chain

aciana introduces Blockchain for Supplychain of Healthcare Organizations. This Blockchain platform can be used in multiple ways. Identifying, Tracking and Verifying Pharmaceutical Supplies, as well as Tracing the entire lifecycle of Healthcare Devices. This Blockchain can also be subscribed by patients for this medical supplies and maintaining their personal healthcare devices. aciana’s combined experience in Healthcare as well as technical know-how in the Blockchain – Big Data combination, ensures secured, real-time data.

Problem statement

Healthcare organizations are continuously in the radar to improve their operational and patient care management. Most of the challenges arise due to lack of technology to help in identifying challenges and taking appropriate actions.  For example: availability of end-to-end information on pharmacy supplies can lead to better inventory management and subsequently improved patient care. Asset tracking and maintenance is also a big part of the challenge in healthcare operations. Embracing latest technology like blockchain for Supply Chain management can easy many of the pain points that healthcare organizations face today. 


Pharmaceutical Supplies: By introducing Blockchain technology for drug supply, the Healthcare organization can immediately know the complete details of any drug. Each drug can be identified, traced and verified. The data includes all the FDA approval details as well. In one stroke, this can completely eliminate the counterfeit drugs and all the related challenges. Given the large volume of data, aciana successfully backed this blockchain with big data technology. Thus ensuring security and speed.

Healthcare Devices: aciana has developed an exclusive Blockchain platform for Healthcare Organizations. Using this technology the medical devices can be tracked through their entire life cycle. The medical devices also include the IoHT – which are the Internet of Things in the areas of Health and Wellness. These include wearable (trackers, pedometers, heartbeat monitors etc.) as well as standalone devices (sugar levels, BP monitor, cardiac function, disease specific monitors etc.)  The data provided for each device can also be smartly used for automatic maintenance contracts. This can potentially guarantee a decrease in the downtime of the devices.

Patient Awareness: Patients on regular medications as well as permanent health conditions like diabetes, hyper tension, blood pressure, cardiac conditions etc. can subscribe to this platform. They can get updated and verified information about the drugs they are consuming. They can also keep track of the healthcare device that they are using – in terms of any upgrades required, maintenance, malfunction warranties etc. Patients can truly feel empowered and secure knowing all of these details.

Our Features

  1. Records transactions, tracks assets
  2. Trusted and Immutable systems provides complete auditability.
  3. Deploys secrete contracts between parties.
  4. Automatic validation of agreements with Smart contract.
  5. Maintain High value asset history and monitor performance history while assuring the quality.
  6. Proves provenance.

Fact sheet

$250 bn

Approx Cost to process 30 billion healthcare transactions per year, 15 billion of which are faxes


physicians are dissatisfied with the timeliness of information or inadequate information in referral letters


mistakes made in the healthcare industry are administrative, and results in the death of 400,000 people per year.


of all serious medial errors involve miscommunication during transitions to different care settings

Roughly 25%

of all U.S. hospital spending consists of administrative costs


Forms providers need to fill out an average per year with the average organization spending $20 in labor to file each document


malpractice claims involve missed or delayed diagnoses due to errors in hand-offs between providers

3 of every 10 tests

are reordered because the results cannot be found, and patient charts cannot be found on 30% of visits


  • Simplifies complex and Fragmented process
  • Smart contracts increases Supply chain efficiency, agility and innovation
  • Deters fraud and prevents theft
  • Improves payments and pricing process
  • Permission network, hence no public and costly mining

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