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aciana’s administrative analytics product provides actionable dashboards and intelligent reports. The data can be analyzed in multiple ways to present a holistic view of the healthcare organization. This can benefit both at the strategic level as well as the operational level.

Problem statement

The smooth running of any healthcare organization vastly depends on the operational processes which have been put in place. Currently, most of the healthcare organizations depend on manual processes for many of the administrative activities like logistics, coordination with supply chain, staff rotation – leading to person dependency. This may also lead to error prone decisions. Usually the revenue data, administrative data and clinical data reside in different systems leading to data silos. This leads to a lack of overview of the data which can ease decision making.

This platform also supports patient centric immutable health record to access complete clinical history of the patient anywhere in the world to support personalized and real-time evidence based medicine / treatment. This system also supports to join the participants of healthcare spectrum like Patients, Hospitals, Life science agencies , independent service providers, device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, insurers and government agencies to provide effective and coordinated care

Our Features

  1. Secure and immutable and completely auditable HIE
  2. Helps to eliminate 3rd party HIE vendors
  3. Complete immutable Patient centric Health records
  4. A platform to participate secure HIE for advancing Clinical analytics and research

Fact sheet

$250 bn

Approx Cost to process 30 billion healthcare transactions per year, 15 billion of which are faxes


physicians are dissatisfied with the timeliness of information or inadequate information in referral letters


mistakes made in the healthcare industry are administrative, and results in the death of 400,000 people per year.


of all serious medial errors involve miscommunication during transitions to different care settings

Roughly 25%

of all U.S. hospital spending consists of administrative costs


Forms providers need to fill out an average per year with the average organization spending $20 in labor to file each document


malpractice claims involve missed or delayed diagnoses due to errors in hand-offs between providers

3 of every 10 tests

are reordered because the results cannot be found, and patient charts cannot be found on 30% of visits


To provide secure, immutable and completely auditable to healthcare interoperability system, Patient centric immutable health records, and to create a single platform for HIE there by advancing healthcare analytics.

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