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Healthcare Blockchain: Advancing the capabilities of healthcare analytics

Sathyanarayana V

Technology Leader

Healthcare Blockchain -Analytics

Every patient is different, every patient’s health is different, some medication works for some patients, at the same time that same medications won’t work for other patients. In the chronic condition population (patients suffering from chronic diseases) the development of complications varies from patient to patient for Eg: a patient suffering from diabetes will probably go on to develop kidney related complications but on the other hand patient having/suffering from diabetes may not end up developing any other complications or may even start developing heart related problems.

In order to treat patients more effectively the treatment needs to be more personalized and it has to be evidence-based. The personalized and evidence-based treatments essentially require one to understand the patient from a 360 degree view and a complete clinical, patient historical and family history data needs to be provided, only then it helps to better understand patient allergies, medication allergies (if previously encountered), family histories etc helps to understand the patient better.

Co-relating these clinical conditions and care-provider’s experience on treating such specific cohort patients helps to treat future patients better. On the other hand mining similar patient data and generating data of similar diseases faced by other patients helps in understanding disease progression and major factors influencing it and also helps a medical practitioner in figuring out how to control it.

But, there are several challenges inhibiting the utilization of such data. Today there is no promising technology platform to collect, store, exchange, normalize and analyse all this patient centric data to help health professionals in this regard. Apart from that supply-demand gap, the security and privacy of the health information exchange and storage is a much more challenging task when compared to collect patient data.

The new technologies popular today right from blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital transformations and robotic process automation show promise in overcoming the challenges faced by healthcare organisations in the exchanging, analysing, integrating and automating of health information and intelligence to mine deep insights from the hidden data, for providing sophisticated and meaningful insights for implementing advanced patient care and understanding patient health dynamics effectively.

aciana is pioneering the healthcare blockchain technology by developing a patient centric health information exchange and healthcare artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to extract the hidden insights from available health information to advance patient care and to improve population health. aciana’s blockchain-enabled health information exchange platform is integrated with artificial intelligence and can be used for secure health information exchange while heeding to privacy and security concerns pertaining to the health information. The exchanged information is authorized at all levels of the healthcare system, thereby ensuring trust.

Advanced healthcare analytics are plugged in to the platform and these analytics extract patient’s 360 degree information for better understanding patient health. The healthcare blockchain technology promises a trusted and authenticated health information exchange implemented primarily between institutions and individuals mediating for the patients. It means that the patient is now the owner of his health information. Hospitals, health systems, independent practitioners, CRO’s and other care giving and research organisations benefit by addressing health information exchange challenges and aciana’s state-of-the-art healthcare analytics helps one in analyzing and predicting adverse events wherever possible and in-turn also suggesting patient-centric precautions to take. aciana healthcare analytics and RPA advances the efficiencies in disease management and analysis and plays a major role in providing personalized and evidence-based treatments to the patients. 

Aciana, is an innovative healthcare technology advancement company which brings advanced technologies and processes together to help health institutions and professionals in delivering value-based care with improved healthcare analytics, while at the same time also controlling costs.